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everybody deservs access
I do not discriminate based on race, age, class, ability, body size, gender identity or presentation, sexual orientation, trauma history, lifestyle, occupation or religious background. I consider these all issues of accessibility and I take responsibility to prevent any discomfort. If anything comes up, I am open to suggestions for how to approach the situation in a way that is comfortable to you.

If you have difficulties with hearing and would prefer to have written/typed documents describing plans for the session, please let me know in advance and I will make sure that is provided for you.

If you have trouble communicating otherwise, feel free to bring a friend, PA, translator etc.

Well behaved dogs are welcome to accompany you in the treatment room.

I use a simple jojoba blend oil with no added scents or essential oils. Please inform me of any allergies prior to your treatment. You are welcome to provide your own unscented oil.

It is fine to wear a binder during massage. If you have any questions about this – please email me.

If you are sensitive to certain lights, sounds or colours, let me know in advance and I will try to make my treatment room a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for you.

I often play music during massage – if you have any music that is relaxing for you, please feel free to make a suggestion. If you prefer silence, that's not a problem! Please let me know.

I am aware that massage can bring up trauma feelings. If you'd like to disclose any triggers you may have (before, during or after the treatment), we can find ways to talk about relaxation, anatomy and healing in ways that are most suitable for you. If something is elicited unexpectedly, we can stop anytime and take a break, reschedule or cancel the massage. 

It is okay to cry during a massage! 

I am committed to providing a safe space for what comes up in a session. The time that you book with me is YOUR time. If any aspect of a session becomes uncomfortable for any reason at any time, I respect your right to pause, ask questions, close out the session right then and there. Again, this is your time, and I am here to support you. 

Your comfort and ease in this space is my first priority.

PLEASE NOTE: The walkway into the studio is slightly uneven and there are 2 small steps (each about 2") up to the door.  There is a restroom on site with a narrow, uneven entrance way with 2 steps (about 3" each) to the door. If you have specific ambulatory or accessibility issues that are not addressed here please contact me.
Accessible Space
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Comprehensive health care is a fundamental human right. It should be accessible, inclusive and prioritize preventative care.  As a whole, health care can be deeply divided along class lines; my practice isn't.  Freebird therapeutic bodywork offers complementary health care modalities that effectively address both physical and mental stress.  This work should be available to every body.


It is my priority and obligation as a health care provider to ensure my clients receive the same quality of attention and appreciation regardless of their emotional, physical or financial situation.
I want to ensure my practice is as financially accessible as possible.  In order to align my payment policies with my philosophy, I have transitioned my rates entirely to SLIDING SCALE PRICING.  The goal of this structure is to:
  • Increase financial accessibility of therapeutic bodywork.
  • Reaffirm my commitment to offering preventative health care to our entire community.
  • Increase awareness of massage and/or somatic education as viable treatment options. By reducing the financial impact of regular sessions, clients are encouraged to continue wellness care, thereby increasing the benefits and experiencing longer lasting benefits.
The basic economic concept of sliding scale is: people pay what they are honestly able. Those with access to more resources pay more, thereby providing a cushion for those with less access to pay less, which provides a sustainable economic underpinning for the practitioner.  More information on that here.


The Kindness in Hand project is a crowd sourced, community-driven project that provides supplementary financial aid to existing clients so they can maintain regular self-care sessions.  Donations can be made in 5$ increments and will be available to any client should they need support in order to meet the sliding scale minimum.  No prior arrangement or notice is required to use the fund!

While I accept gratuity, I don't expect it. Tipping can be a great way to support my sliding scale work, but it is certainly not mandatory. 
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