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in the tradition of Thomas Hanna

The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of one's being to be experienced, explored, enriched and, thereby, educated.

Thomas Hanna, founder of Hanna Somatic Education.

Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) is a gentle, effective brain-based bodywork modality that utilises a specific type of movement called a “voluntary pandiculation” to reset the resting length of skeletal muscles, increase body awareness and restore ease to body & mind. 

Hanna Somatic Education flips the script on the traditional “no pain no gain” ethos, and instead works within your current ability - meeting you where you are and working with the mobility you have.  This is a validating practice; moving towards the limitations in your body with gentle, pain free contractions rather than pulling your muscles apart with a stretch.  You will learn to communicate with your body in a language that it understands: easeful movement, which provides the opportunity to rebuild a trusting and reciprocal relationship.
Muscles do not have a mind of their own - they are controlled by your brain.  So, in order to restore function and ease to your muscles in a meaningful, long lasting way, Hanna Somatic Education invites first-person activation of your brain - specifically your motor cortex.  Your motor cortex has the ability to “teach” your muscles how to release their accumulated tension and regain their capacity for free and intelligent movement.
We work with a specific three step movement protocol called “voluntary pandiculation”. This is a pattern of gentle contraction, followed by slow, intentional lengthening and finally, complete relaxation of the targeted area. 
The experience has a calming, opening feel. This modality provides an alternative to "working out," stiff, tight muscles; instead creating a harmonious space to “work with” your body.
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Book a 90-minute session
to begin or continue your
journey with Somatic Education
We begin each session with a little chat about how you are feeling in your body, noting any areas that are calling for attention.  I will observe how you organise your body in a standing position and how you move through space while walking. 

The treatment portion of your appointment will be conducted in your position of ease.  This can mean seated, standing or, most commonly, lying down on a massage table.  You will remain completely clothed as I verbally and physically guide you through the movements.
The active portion of the session is not strenuous, but rather most clients report feeling very relaxed, centred and comfortably engaged throughout.
Upon completion of your session, you can expect to feel lighter, more present and often experience less pain and a restored range of motion with just a couple appointments. You'll also learn movement so you can maintain results at home.
There is nothing quite like the relaxing, surrender of a good massage.  And likewise, there is nothing quite like the joyful embodiment of a Hanna Somatic session.  
While it’s true these modalities are very different in their execution, both are a path home to experiencing the present moment through our physical being.
If you are dealing with a persistent chronic issue, or are generally feeling “not in your body” I invite you to try a one on one Hanna Somatic session.  
If you are looking for some nurturing care but I do not have any massage sessions available, please let me know and I can incorporate some neck/scalp and hand massage work into your Hanna Somatic appointment.
Have questions?
Contact me here.
I will be wearing a mask and ask that you do as well.  Diligent hygiene practices always have been and will continue to be a priority to me.  In addition to thorough hand washing and sanitising my room between clients, I have an alcohol based hand sanitizer and masks available for use.
I offer all of my services via sliding scale, paid at the appointment.
You can view my pricing schedule and more details
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