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Remembering our relationship with

The More Than Human World

Forest Bathing in West Sonoma County 
certified forest therapy guide with ANFT

This was such a magical experience. I've always felt better when I'm in the forest, but Jolene guided us through such an intentional journey and I've never felt more connected to the earth and more at ease with my place in the universe. The prompts were perfectly articulated and open enough to interpret in our own way. At one point I found that this practice unlocked some trapped tears that I've been unable to access. The ending tea ritual was the cherry on top and integrated everything we experienced. I can't wait for the next one!

-Emma P 

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Forest Bathing is a unique experience of presence.

Forest bathing is an opportunity to slow down and remember. Through sensory invitations, we transcend what we think we know and move into a space of wonder; a somatic exploration of the here and now.  


Wandering amongst the trees, we remember our connection to the More Than Human World.  Next to the murmuring creek, we recall our True Nature.  Feeling the breeze caress our cheek, we are welcomed home. 


Forest Bathing is a gentle yet profound experience that inspires tranquility, compassion and deeper relationships with ourselves, our community and our environment. 

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