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Therapeutic Massage & Somatic Education Studio
based in Occidental, California 
Offering In-person & Virtual Sessions


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in the tradition of Thomas Hanna

It is my pleasure to personally recommend Jolene as one of the best massage therapists that I've had the good fortune to receive massage from.  Her warmth, professionalism and attentiveness stand out for me when I think back on the massages I received from her.  I always felt quickly at ease and cared for in her presence.  - JRD


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Thank you! I'll be in touch shortly.With love,Jolene

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I’m honoured that you are choosing to spend some time here, with me. 


Freebird Bodywork is an evolving manifestation of over 15 years in the massage/bodywork field.  My practice began in 2005 when I graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.  In the years since, I have been keenly attending to my clients; listening, learning, offering care and developing my unique approach to bodywork.

I see bodywork as a way to re-enter and/or repair relationship with ourselves.  As we all know, communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship.  Communicating with others can be challenging… but communicating with our bodies?! It seems impossible sometimes!  It can feel as though we don’t even speak the same language, which can lead to misunderstandings, a sense of disconnection, even grief.


My role is a supportive one, I’m here to help you to access and understand the language of your body.  I like to think of the practices I offer at freebird bodywork as a secret decoder ring - a way to restore the flow of communication; simplifying the process of listening, receiving and integrating.

There are many paths to embodiment, and it can mean different things to different people.  And ultimately, all roads lead to... experiencing how it feels to be uniquely “you”.


I’m delighted to offer both therapeutic massage and Hanna Somatic Education as your potential routes back home.


Are you ready for this journey - from the outside in?​

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